Tuesday, 4 August 2009

This is it

I finally caved and started a blog. I have only found time to work out how to do this because I've finished the MA dissertation early and I am very doubtful that I'll find the time and/or inclination to keep it up, but we'll see. It may be useful when I start the PhD as a way to work through things I'm reading and thinking about.
For now though, it's just an experiment.


  1. Welcome to blogging, Angela!

  2. I'm not sure how important it is to 'keep it up'. Presumably as important as you make it. I think I have three or four blog like objects hanging around, but they're just handy places to hang things up on the web.
    Anyway, welcome and god speed with it and kudos for all the wonderful things you have achieved and go on achieving. Innit.

  3. Thank you, Michelle and Peter :)